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You have an ad hoc overflow of design work


Your designesr are currently on annual leave or too busy


Special skills are required


Hiring a new full-time designer is not practical


You want to form a relationship before moving to a
retainer model


What can a Freelance Graphic Designer do for me?

A Freelance Graphic Designer can assist your company
with your marketing initiatives but is not hired internally.
We act as outside contractors helping only when required.
This is a great benefit to companies who cannot afford to
hire an internal Graphic Designer or for companies with an overflow of design work.


Why do I need a Graphic Designer?

A Graphic Designer can keep you in touch with your target market by designing your company image to let customers know who you are marketing material for acquiring new customers communication material to keep your customers


Why should I choose Elliot+Boak over other Freelance graphic designers?


You benefit from…


  • 25 years of experience + you get two of us!

  • strong logo and design skills

  • marketing recommendations (print and online)

  • research and understanding of your target market

  • efficiency and attention to detail

  • close ties with printers ensuring your deadlines are met

  • proven track record and satisfied customers


How long will it take you to complete my job?

This depends on the nature of the requirements.
Every job is different.


How long will the printing take?

Printing is usually delivered to you within 5-7 business days.


Do you have any testimonials?

We do! Click here for the testimonials.


You have many marketing projects year-round


You frequently have an overflow of design work


Certain projects can be easily outsourced


Hiring a new full-time designer not practical


Certain projects inconvenience your team


Certain projects slow down production


Searching for available freelancers is time consuming


A retainer gives you a set amount of hours/mo. to
complete your projects. Only the hours worked are
counted. Please ask for pricing.


Compared to hiring an in-house full-time designer,
this option could save you around £30,000 per year!


How does a graphic design retainer work?

Simple. You get a set amount of hours of design time per month to complete your various marketing projects. Price is calculated based on the hours required.


How much does a graphic design retainer cost?

Your rate will vary depending on the type of work involved. Please contact me to talk about your projects so we can determine your own specific rate.


Does unused design time get carried over to the next month?

Yes, you can carryover up to 20 hours from any given month to the next month for a maximum of 2 months (consecutive or non-consecutive months). They will expire in one year from the carryover date, which is plenty of time to use up the hours.


What if my hours run out and I still need more design time?


Option 1: You can purchase additional design time per hr.


Option 2: You can wait until the next month cycle starts,
if your project deadline allows


Option 3: We can use design time from your upcoming
month if other projects allow for the reshuffle.

FREELANCE DESIGN SERVICE  (per-project + per hour)

Which services do you provide?

Everything from logo design and brochures to trade show material and websites. You can visit the About page to
view the complete list of services.


Do we need to meet in person to start my project?

No. We can discuss your projects over the phone or email if preffered. We can also meet you over a coffee to discuss your needs. Proofs will be sent through email for approval.

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